The future of UK higher education and its impact on PBSA investment

A recent webinar hosted by Q Investment Partners (QIP) discussed the future of UK higher education and its impact on purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) investment.

Higher Education and its imapct on investment - QIP | PBSA-News

As the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, Q Investment Partners (QIP) hosted a webinar to discuss the future of UK higher education and its impact on purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) investment. 

With a commitment to optimising QIP’s investment strategy for a post Covid-19 reality, the webinar featured insights and updates from partners across the PBSA real estate life cycle – including StuRents and Cushman & Wakefield. The webinar discussed the UK PBSA Covid-19 journey over the past six months – which showed the resilience of this sector.


  • Universities are open for business – 96% of UK universities have confirmed they will re-open campuses for this academic year.
  • Student demand is very robust – with an increase in acceptances locally – 3% according to the latest UCAS data. There is also confirmation of a healthy return in international student numbers – with a continued preference for in-person teaching.
  • We will see a flight to quality from both a student and investor standpoint where capital previously set aside for sectors now seen as troubled – retail, hospitality and commercial – remains to be deployed and it’s expected that there will be an accelerated institutional appetite for the real estate living sectors, which includes PBSA.

The below infographic reveals three aspects: the journey of the PBSA sector over the last six months; how, as a business, QIP have vigorously managed risks; and how they’re looking to take advantage of the opportunities that Covid-19 now presents.

UK purpose-built student accommodation Covid-19 journey - QIP | PBSA News

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