Planning granted for new PBSA scheme in Nottingham

Planning permission has been granted for a new purpose-built student accommodation scheme (PBSA) in Nottingham.

Despite some concerns from locals, planning permission has been approved for a new purpose-built student accommodation scheme (PBSA) in Nottingham.

The scheme – near Sneinton Market – will include 85 student beds. The site will see three prominent retail units which face the market demolished. It will be replaced by the new PBSA above smaller retail units.

Member of the planning committee – Councillor Sally Longford – argued that the local policy encourages the development of student accommodation in Nottingham’s city centre. With demand for student accommodation outweighing supply, she said the PBSA scheme is a positive move.

However, Nottingham City Councillor Dave Liversidge – along with locals – opposed the scheme because of concerns that the area already has 362 student beds, with too many students in one area. Concerns were also raised about the three business that will be lost, as well as lost opportunities for other residential schemes that are attempting to build homes in the city – creating permanent communities.

Despite these concerns, the council has granted planning permission for the new PBSA scheme.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons.

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