Nido Student receives positive scores for wellbeing of its students

Students of Nido Student have provided feedback – in a survey - on wellbeing and the scores have been positive.

Happy students - Nido Student | PBSA News

Nido Student have conducted a survey as a way of gaining feedback from students across different areas, and to compare themselves against industry averages. This year the survey focused on wellbeing – and even though the survey was cut short due to Covid-19 – the results were positive.

How did Nido Student perform? 

The results from the survey were positive and highlighted the positive impact of wellbeing on students. The results also showed that Nido Student performed particularly well on wellbeing, with scores achieving above the national average:

  • 70% of students felt that the house team at their Nido cared about their wellbeing.  
  • 66% felt that their accommodation had a positive impact on their wellbeing. 
  • West Hampstead and St James residences outperformed the whole industry for wellbeing.

How does Nido Student promote student wellbeing?

Nido Student provides a number of wellbeing classes and events to promote wellbeing at its buildings. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it moved its events online to be more inclusive. Some wellbeing focused virtual events include yoga and meditation classes, dance, cardio, no jump, arm and barre workouts, as well as interval circuit, boxercise and HITT workouts.

They also run in-house events – which were in place before the Covid-19 pandemic, which include breakfast clubs, doggy day care and bring a dash dinners.