Student power for the planet – The Student Energy Project is back

Behaviour change app - The Student Energy Project - redoubles its focus on sustainability and energy saving.

Forest - reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions - The Student Energy Project | PBSA News

The Student Energy Project is an initiative from the utilitech pioneers behind amber energy. The initiative seeks to enrol the 660,000 UK students who live in purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) in the fight against climate change.

The Student Energy Project is a behaviour change app that enables participating student accommodation providers in the UK to involve their residents in an energy saving initiative that gives back. The project is free for students to take part in – which allows them to collaboratively reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The Student Energy Project has signed up 73 PBSA blocks – which caters to 14,000 students. 

How does The Student Energy Project work?

  • Students who live in participating accommodation can download the app and register their details.
  • Students then work as a collective within each accommodation block to take steps to reduce their energy use.
  • The money that each accommodation block saves on its energy bills as a result of the project is put towards verified carbon offsetting projects – such as tree planting or developing clean energy projects in rural Africa.
  • All PBSA participants can track their properties’ energy performance and also benchmark their progress against others.

“Today’s students are part of the generation that is pushing for real change to tackle the climate crisis. To harness their collective power, we’ve spent a lot of time developing and creating an app that can help students to make a real difference. 

“Now’s the time for a big social experiment where we mobilise communities to act together to save the planet. We believe that by making better choices and decisions around energy, water use and waste, the UK can become home to the world’s greenest student population.”

Nick Proctor, Founder and CEO of amber energy, which is behind The Student Energy Project