Improving students sleep and mental and physical wellbeing

Sleep - with good quality beds and mattresses - is vital for students mental and physical wellbeing, supporting them to thrive and perform.

Student beds and mattresses to improve sleep and wellbeing | BTR News

By Farhan Malik, CEO, Manor Interiors

Student living has changed dramatically over the years and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) provides a whole living experience to UK and international students. Modern students now expect more from their accommodation – both within their living environment as well as from the communal spaces and facilities.

When it comes to PBSA, it’s about creating a living space that students can embrace and one in which they feel comfortable and safe – making it their home away from home. First year students in particular can feel vulnerable as they embark on this new journey, leaving the safety and security of their family home where they need to re-find a new sense of belonging. Their new physical environment – their student accommodation – plays a vital role in their psychological development, encouraging them to thrive, enabling them to take on the challenges of higher education and life growth, and to have a sense of belonging.

University students lead busy lives – from hectic academic schedules to social and extra-curricular activities that are part of university life. With academic demands, late night parties and all-nighters to finish coursework, sleep is often the first thing to be effected – or to go – as they try to squeeze everything in.

But sleep is essential for students’ health and wellbeing. Sleep deprivation can impact their energy, mood, efficiency, memory and their ability to learn – which negatively impacts their educational learning, day to day lives and overall student experience.

There are various aspects of interior design that can promote positive physical and mental wellbeing – from interior design techniques using light and colour to the type of furniture you choose. The beds and mattresses PBSA operators provide play a key role in supporting students with getting good sleep. Not only should they be strong and durable so they last longer, but they should also be comfortable.

Research shows that university students should have around nine hours sleep a day. This improves mood, increases focus and attention span, restores energy, and puts them in a stronger position to flourish and perform – both mentally and physically.

Using good quality beds and mattresses in your developments will support students with getting good sleep, which provides them with a number of benefits. It can promote cognition and memory, facilitate learning, recharge students mental and physical batteries – restoring their energy, and generally helping them to make the most out of their days.

We have been providing beds and mattresses to PBSA providers across the country for many years – and we understand how important it is to choose the correct ones for your student schemes. From divan bases, ottoman storage and drawer storage bases to luxury mattresses and a wide range of bed frames, we tailor our beds and mattresses to individual developments to ensure we provide durable beds and mattresses that also meet the aesthetics, design, style and theme of your student scheme.