B2B loyalty rewards program gets new look

Furniture services provider – David Phillips – announces industry first B2B loyalty scheme which provides rewards to loyal customers.

Living area with furniture where B2B customers can earn rewards via a loyalty program - David Phillips | PBSA News

Design-led furniture services provider – David Phillips – announces it has introduced a new rewards program. Considered one of the first B2B loyalty schemes in the industry, the company is committed to supporting its customers, as well as continuing to form valuable relationships within the industry.

How does the rewards program work?

Points equal prizes and for every furniture order placed, customers accrue points which can be exchanged for a selection of rewards – including a spa weekend, meal out or gift vouchers.

Customers who spend up to £1,000 will earn one point per £100. For orders over £1,000, two points are awarded. Points are automatically added to customer accounts where they can keep track of what they’ve earned – as well as what they can spend it on.

There is the option to spend points straight away or save them for something larger. David Phillips customers can choose from hundreds of available awards – just in time for Christmas too.

“After an uncertain couple of years, we wanted to celebrate our customers and to reward them for their continued service. Loyalty schemes are fairly uncommon in the B2B world, so we’re proud to be one of the first in our industry to offer this incentive.”

Nicholas Gill, CEO, David Phillips