BOHO celebrates huge environmental award win

Glasgow property company BOHO celebrates huge environmental award win for carbon reduction at its Scotway House PBSA.

Boho social and study building installed with technology to reduce carbon footprint | PBSA News
Boho social and study building.

Property operators BOHO has won the ‘Climate Crisis Initiative’ at Property Week’s Student Accommodation Awards which took place on Wednesday 8 December at The O2 in London. BOHO have been recognised for their innovative efforts to combat the climate crisis by introducing new technology which seeks to reduce carbon emissions by 20%.

BOHO is the first student provider in the UK to install this sophisticated technology in an attempt to combat the climate crisis and reduce their carbon footprint – while also ensuring a better living environment for its residents. 

The Student Accommodation Conference and Awards have been running for over 14 years with an aim to spark debate, shine spotlights on the opportunities and highlight excellence within the student sector.

BOHO partnered with smart technology provider Utopi to put them on the right path and one step closer to reaching net-zero in their buildings. A building performance assessment identified ways for Scotway House student accommodation in Glasgow to operate more efficiently, reduce operational workload and make generous yearly savings on energy.

Boho social and study building installed with technology to its reduce carbon footprint | PBSA News
Boho social and study building.

In 2021, IoT (Internet of Things) sensors were installed in Scotway House to automate elements of building management. The sensors measure temperature, light, CO2, noise, motion and occupancy to feed back in real time, increasing efficiency for daily operations and maintenance, as well as creating huge cost savings on energy while reducing its carbon footprint.

The technology allows for empty rooms to be ‘switched off’ automatically and can detect or prevent any maintenance issues from occurring in BOHO’s 399-bed student accommodation scheme.

Resident wellbeing is also improved in various ways – including the measuring and improvement of indoor air quality and a real-time view of amenity spaces, such as seeing how many people are using the gym. Unused areas can be automatically ‘switched off’ to reduce energy usage and data can determine what areas need to be repurposed or transformed to ensure the building is working best for residents. People counting solutions in amenity spaces and onboarding of the Utopi Connect SaaS platform is being implemented to manage the data.

Outdoor garden communal area - BOHO | PBSA News 7
Outdoor garden communal area.

The equipment will improve the building’s ESG rating and environmental performance. The work involved includes the installation of electricity sub-metering at the apartment level and BOHO will also use data to encourage residents to reduce their personal energy usage with monthly incentives.

BOHO and Scotway House were also recognised for their partnership with local charity Mary’s Meals to donate and repurpose clothes, technology items, food and bedding to aid Glasgow’s poorest communities.

“We’re simply thrilled to receive this recognition. As a responsible business, we need to play our part in combatting the climate change emergency. This technology puts us on the right path and that one step closer to reaching net-zero. At BOHO, we will always challenge the here and now in the industry and will continue to seek the best, most innovative solutions to manage our buildings and be conscientious of our social and environmental impact. We really hope this sets a positive example for other businesses.”

Christine Young, Managing Director, BOHO