Housing Hand and Kexgill announce new partnership

Rental guarantor service Housing Hand announces a new partnership with Kexgill to make renting easier for students.

Students moving into their accommodation - Housing Hand | Kexgill | PBSA News

UK rental guarantor service – Housing Hand – announces a new partnership with student accommodation provider Kexgill. The partnership is set to challenge the way that students are able to access private sector accommodation.

The new partnership will see Kexgill use Housing Hand as its preferred guarantor service provider. Student who wish to live in one of Kexgill’s properties will be eligible to use Housing Hand as their guarantor. This also means that overseas students will be able to move into a Kexgill home and pay rent monthly, instead of upfront – providing an easier and stress free way for students to rent a property.

“Kexgill has a long tradition of challenging the status quo when it comes to providing student housing. We’ve been driving up standards in the sector since 1978 and are delighted to still be doing so in 2021, by working with Housing Hand to enable students to rent high quality homes more easily.”

Antony Worswick, Branch Manager and Head of Marketing, Kexgill

Kexgill operates 3,000 student beds in the UK consisting of a mix of halls of residence, apartments and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), with homes spread across the North of England, including in Liverpool, Hull, Preston, Middlesborough, Salford, Stockton, Newcastle, Nottingham and Bradford.

Housing Hand has worked closely with Kexgill to identify the pain points in the rental process for students. The process led to the rollout of the Housing Hand guarantee for all those who want to live in one of Kexgill’s homes.

The Housing Hand service is not an insurance, but rather a guarantee. It covers all rent liabilities under the tenancy agreement, with no additional terms or independent adjudication fees for those using the scheme.

“We’re excited to be working with one of the largest operators in the North of England to break down barriers for students wishing to rent homes in the UK. Kexgill has a history of offering quality accommodation to students in Northern cities, so we are delighted to be working with them to remove barriers to rent in this way.”

James Maguire, Head of Sales and Business Development, Housing Hand