CODE Students partner with Technogym to support mental and physical wellbeing

CODE Students partners with Technogym to support the mental and physical wellbeing of students at its purpose-built student accommodation scheme.

Technogym cardio equipment, Salford | PBSA News

CODE Students has a 10-year history of offering luxury student accommodation that goes well beyond the studio apartments. CODE’s Student Experience and Welfare Director, Lynn Lewis explains why partnering with Technogym helps CODE create meaningful fitness that enhances student wellbeing.

Within purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), the industry average space for communal areas is just 1m² per person. At their Coventry site, CODE has generously doubled this quota. Communal areas include outdoor spaces, study areas, games rooms, cinemas and the stunning new Technogym gym.

Students on cardio equipment - Technogym | CODE Students | PBSA News

Uptake in Registrations

All CODE sites, explains Lynn, are right in the heart of their cities and the aim is to connect students with the architecture of the city. In fact, CODE Coventry’s gym is a huge space overlooking the city centre: when students are on the cardio equipment, they will be looking out on to their new home.

The gym has an amazing 60% sign up rate and CODE Coventry puts this down to the innovative equipment, aesthetics and functionality of the Technogym equipment.

Gym at CODE Coventry designed by Technogym | PBSA News

The gym – a unique and inclusive space

CODE leverage the gym as a key feature of the Coventry site. The team offer it as an incentive to new residents (who can use the gym as soon as they secure accommodation for the next academic year), and as a big wow-factor benefit to current residents. It has something for everyone, from heavy weight training and functional fitness to cardio zones, performance workouts and meditative activities.

Weight training using Technogym equipment - CODE Students | PBSA News

As CODE expands its Coventry site to accommodate more UK and international students, the gym will play a key role in supporting social and physical wellbeing.

“We are delighted to have Technogym as partners and advisors as we know this will keep us ahead of the game, in a position to offer students the facilities they deserve.”

Lynn Lewis, Student Experience and Welfare Director, CODE Students