Elliott Group and affiliated UK companies become Algeco

Elliott Group Ltd, Carter Accommodation Ltd and Procomm Site Services Ltd announce plans to unite as Algeco.

Elliott Group who supply the PBSA sector through its design and building solution are soon to be affiliated with UK companies to become Algeco | PBSA News

Elliott Group Ltd, Carter Accommodation Ltd and Procomm Site Services Ltd, leaders in UK modular services and part of Modulaire Group, announce plans to unite under a common brand – Algeco.

UK customers will benefit from a stronger, better-integrated and structured organisation, with a renewed commitment to placing customer service excellence at the heart of the organisation. 

The move will create a single, consistent brand across the UK and Europe – to reflect the group’s position as a leader in European modular services and infrastructure. Algeco has a proud heritage of serving customers across Europe, providing a strong basis for the single identity, which will facilitate growth in brand equity in the marketplace and allow UK customers to benefit from best practice sharing with Algeco in Europe and producing innovative modular solutions. The adoption of Algeco as the single brand in the UK will create a common sense of identity and purpose for the UK business – and the proposed date to make these changes effective is 31 March 2022.

“The Algeco brand has solid foundations built on excellence, sustainability, innovation and collaboration. These elements are cornerstones of what we call our customer obsession – continually looking for ways to exceed expectations, deliver best-in-class service and develop sustainable futures for our customers and colleagues.”

John Campbell, Managing Director, Algeco in the UK

In the UK, Algeco employs over 1200 people and has a turnover of c£200m. The combined UK business will be headquartered in Peterborough, with a total of 23 site locations throughout the country servicing its portable, modular building and offsite construction hire and sales activities. Elliott Group is involved in the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector, supplied as part of a design and building solution using its offsite and modular construction solutions. 

Algeco design and build permanent solutions utilise modern methods of construction to offer inspirational single and multi-storey spaces designed to customer specifications, safely, quickly and consistently.

“Adopting the Algeco brand in the UK provides a link with our heritage, whilst also symbolising the transformation the UK business is currently going through as part of our group’s global ambitions. We have an exciting future ahead of us.”

John Campbell, Managing Director, Algeco in the UK

Algeco and the Modulaire Group are owned by investment funds managed by Brookfield Business Partners L.P, which acquired the Modulaire Group in December 2021. Brookfield Business Partners is the flagship listed business services and industrials company of Brookfield Asset Management, a leading global alternative asset manager with over $600bn of assets under management.

Algeco Is a long established brand in the European modular services and infrastructure industry, originally formed in 1955. The brand has consistently achieved a string of industry first; from creating modular site accommodation; to introducing the first stackable modular accommodation in 1965; and more recently pioneering innovations in volumetric off site solutions. Algeco now offers a vast range of physical space solutions from temporary accommodation and storage solutions for building sites, through to highly sophisticated design and build permanent multi-storey offsite solutions for business and the public sector.