motive8 gives students opportunity to ‘Train like an Olympian’

Train like an Olympian programme designed by Winter Olympian Laura Deas is rolled out at motive8 managed PBSA gyms across the UK.

Gym at Chapter Spitalfields student scheme in London. motive8 - who are rolling out the Train like an Olympian’ programme - provided consultancy on the refurbishment of the onsite gym | PBSA News
Gym at the Chapter Spitalfields student scheme in London. motive8 provided consultancy on the refurbishment of the onsite gym.

Full service premium health, fitness and leisure solutions company – motive8 – is giving students the opportunity to ‘Train like an Olympian’ as it announces the roll out of  a bespoke strength and conditioning programme created by Olympic skeleton racer Laura Deas in 50 of its gym managed sites across the UK.

The two-part ‘Train like an Olympian’ programme is based on Laura’s own Olympic training programme, which helps build the speed, strength and power necessary to succeed in her sport. The programme (one Strength session, one Power session) focuses on improving lower body strength through a combination of bodyweight and weights-based exercises; and comprises a warm-up, main session and cool down. Residents can access the programme on site via posters and a QR code leading to a step-by-step, mobile-optimised and downloadable version.

“Train like a Olympian is a great way to encourage residents to interact with motive8 staff at sites under our gym management and get the most from their time in the gym.

“Our staff are highly experienced in gym management and providing excellent customer service. The staff are on hand to help residents enjoy the programme and support anyone unfamiliar with the exercises. Introducing a new initiative can also refresh exercise routines as the new year resolutions fade away.”

Rob Clarke, Director and residential leisure expert, motive8

motive8’s mission is to inspire, encourage and support wellbeing improvement. In addition to the company’s recent move to empower ‘everyday athletes’ at gym managed sites, the company has been providing support to Laura and up and coming British hurdler Anastasia Davies, as part of its Empowering Performance initiative, which launched last year (2021) to help support athletes to reach their sporting goals. In the build-up to the Winter Olympics, motive8 supplied Laura with the latest home gym equipment to help her prepare.

“We saw how hard Laura trained and how skeleton racing needs so much strength to power the sled. With Laura as our brand ambassador, it made sense to draw upon her expertise to develop a high-performance exercise routine. The training helps people to elevate their workout and experience what it is like to train like a Winter Olympian.”

Jenny Cromack, Director at motive8 who worked with Laura on the ‘Train like an Olympian’ programme