Student Roost’s Nelson Street PBSA gets planning for new facilities

Student Roost’s Nelson Street student accommodation scheme is granted planning approval for new active and recreational facilities.

Nelson Street student accommodation scheme in Belfast - Student Roost | PBSA News
Nelson Street student accommodation scheme in Belfast.

Belfast City Council has granted planning permission at May’s planning committee for revised proposals seeking to add new recreational facilities to Student Roost’s existing purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) development on Nelson Street near the Ulster University’s Belfast campus.

In 2017, Student Roost received planning approval for the 774-bed student accommodation scheme, and work has begun on the site. The revised proposals signal an increased investment in new recreational facilities within the courtyard and ground floor, whilst retaining the existing 774-bed student accommodation building.

Student Roost seek to provide high class recreation facilities that contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of people studying and working at the new Ulster University campus. The new planning approval grants permission for the inclusion of new sports and recreation facilities, with activity areas that will include a games hall, wellness room and VR sports room. Smaller activity zones and breakout spaces will also be integrated into the new design to encourage active socialising. 

Courtyard at Nelson Street PBSA - Student Roost | PBSA News
Courtyard at Nelson Street PBSA.

The design of the recreation spaces will also support the delivery of high-quality active frontage to the existing building in order to improve the streetscape of the growing community surrounding the new Ulster University campus. 

“The plans for Nelson Street were already exciting, but we’re delighted that the new proposal for these additional sports and recreation facilities has been approved.

“As one of the largest student accommodation providers in the country, we know how important fitness and leisure are to our residents’ health and wellbeing. We’re sure that students in Belfast will love living at Nelson Street and using the facilities there.”

Neil Howells, Head of Development, Student Roost
Basketball area at Nelson Street in Belfast - Student Roost | PBSA News
Basketball area at Nelson Street PBSA.

The proposal also allows the Nelson Street development to be used as short-stay accommodation outside traditional term times – exclusively for further or higher education institution staff or for individuals attending events hosted by a further or higher education institution. This provision of occupancy of the development outside of the traditional in-semester months seeks to support the vibrancy and footfall within this area of the city.

Student Roost will own and operate Nelson Street, which is planned to open ahead of the 2024/25 academic year. The company is the third largest PBSA provider in the UK, operating 22,000 beds in 56 properties across 22 university cities. The student accommodation operator already has a strong presence in Belfast and Nelson Street will be its fifth property in the city. Its fourth and most recent Belfast property, Little Patrick Street, opened in 2020.