Ambisense appoints Chief Financial Officer

Ambisense appoints a Chief Financial Officer as part of its aggressive growth strategy in the coming months.

Anne Keogh, Chief Financial Officer, Ambisense | PBSA News
Anne Keogh, Chief Financial Officer, Ambisense.

Ambisense, an IoT and AI analytics business focused on monitoring environmental risks has recently appointed Anne Keogh FCCA as their Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as part of their aggressive growth strategy in the coming months. The business is in the process of scaling up across the UK. Ambisense also recently appointed Simon Jones as Head of Air Quality Control. Both Simon and Anne will play key roles in the company’s scaling plans. 

Anne joined the company in February 2022. Prior to this, she was the CFO and COO of Pharmapod, an innovative cloud-based software developed by pharmacists for pharmacists – to maximise patient safety across the global healthcare system. Anne has seven years of experience in being a woman of the C-suite and brings this knowledge to her role at Ambisense. 

“We are really excited to have someone as experienced as Anne on our team, and her role will be important as we continue our scaling goals for 2022. This year looks to be a big one for our business, with the launch of various new products and technologies, and I believe that having Anne on our side will make this goal more attainable.”

Stephen McNulty, CEO and founder, Ambisense

Ambisense builds environmentally intelligent solutions that blend disparate and contextual data sources to support a data-driven, quantitative approach to critical decision-making – that drives a greater understanding of the impact of operational processes on people and the planet. Their technology has many important applications, which have come to the fore through the pandemic.

Ambisense was founded in 2014 on the belief that technology adoption would improve the assessment of environmental risk. At the time, technology was widely perceived to be a real threat to established business models, but Ambisense felt confident that as technology improved and market demands changed, those barriers would fall, and the industry would embrace digitisation.

Since being founded by CEO Stephen McNulty, Ambisense’s mission has been to build the worldʼs leading system of intelligence, and to automate, analyse, and accelerate environmental risk assessment for a safer and more sustainable world. Seven years on, Ambisense has grown to a team of over 20 people, with offices in three countries and customers across three continents, and aims to continue this growth in 2022 and beyond. 

“Ambisense is an innovative idea and brand that is not only exciting but looks to benefit our planet – that is what really drew me to the company. I wanted to be a part of this mission and on this team of future-thinking and ground-breaking minds. I have had years of experience as a woman in senior management and I look forward to bringing what I have learned to this new venture in my life.”

Anne Keogh, Chief Financial Officer, Ambisense

Ambisense is working closely with universities – including the National College of Ireland, an Irish university monitoring its air quality to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff.

Ambisense conducted an onsite survey report of the various room types and locations. The report determined the required number of monitoring points based on both the college’s needs and the areas identified as potential risk spots – a total of 70 locations were chosen and AmbiAir devices were installed.