Accommodation for Students launch online event

Accommodation for Students launch AFS Live, an online event which supports students struggling to find a term time home.

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Host Gosford Gate purpose-built student accommodation development.

With record numbers of students and a return to a more normal university experience, Accommodation for Students is preparing to assist students who are struggling to find a term time home. AFS Live is a new online event providing live support and advice for students who have received their exam results and are seeking student accommodation.

AFS Live will take place on the 18 August at 3pm and is free to all students. The event will provide advice on finding accommodation, studying in the UK and how to find housemates to share with. There will also be a session on what to do if students are unable to find a place to live during the term time.

Student attending the event will also be able to book accommodation on the day with a selection of the UK’s most reputable student accommodation providers, as well as have the opportunity to win one month’s free rent.

“We know that it can be difficult for students who have secured a university place through the clearing process to find somewhere to live. Some cities like Bristol, Exeter, York and Glasgow have a 40% shortfall in purpose built student accommodation and up to three students for every bed in university halls. We have launched AFS Live to help those students that are struggling, as well as those that just need a little extra support.

“Last summer we had a 274% increase in students enquiring on our website for accommodation and we anticipate similar high levels of demand once again. AFS Live is another way in which we can provide additional support for these students.”

Simon Thompson, Managing Director, Accommodation for Students