Growth in PBSA could now house 1 in 4 UK students

Dramatic growth in purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) means it could now house one in four UK students.

Growth in PBSA could now house 1 in 4 UK students -EG | BTR News

The latest data from EG shows that Swansea University leads the way with the most purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) in the UK (420), followed by Sheffield Hallam University (221) and the University of Liverpool (216). There is currently now over 1,500 planned PBSA schemes across the UK. Across the UK as a whole, PBSA accounts for 600,000 beds – enough to house one in four UK students according to EG.

“Increasing student numbers combined with decreasing availability of rental properties has seen the demand for high-quality student accommodation rise dramatically, particularly in Swansea, Sheffield and Liverpool.

“Providing a diverse range of property options from large student halls to more exclusive residences with on-site facilities such as gyms, PBSA is evolving the student experience and making cramped shared houses a thing of the past.

“With the PBSA sector growing quickly and 1,544 more schemes planned across the UK, it’s not surprising that regulation is racing to keep pace. The arrival of the government-backed National Code, which states that developers must compensate students if their accommodation is not ready on time, means developers need to be alert to overrunning construction to retain maximum profitability. 

“Looking ahead, as rents continue to rise, more local authorities may follow London’s lead where it’s now mandated that a percentage of rooms in PBSA developments must be let as ‘affordable’.” Anna Reed, Data Director, EG

Anna Reed, Data Director, EG