Homes For Students launches KLIQ student app

Homes For Students launches KLIQ - its bespoke sector-leading resident experience app which is revolutionising communication with students.

KLIQ, the new bespoke sector-leading resident experience app developed and managed by Homes For Students | PBSA News
KLIQ, the new bespoke sector-leading resident experience app developed and managed by Homes For Students.

Launched in time for the 2022/23 academic year, independent purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) provider, Homes for Students, has developed KLIQ – its own app which is revolutionising communication with students. The bespoke, sector-leading resident experience app was rolled out in September 2022.

KLIQ was developed – and is managed – entirely in-house. The new app is available to all students living across the accommodation provider’s portfolio in the UK and Ireland. Currently rated at 4.7/5 on the App Store, KLIQ has proven to be an instant hit with students and property management teams alike. 

As true digital natives, Gen Z students expect to manage every aspect of their lives whilst on the move. For Homes For Students, the KLIQ app replaces legacy one-way communication methods such as email and SMS, allowing property teams to not only share information about on-site activities and facilities, but also receive instant feedback. KLIQ features parcel notifications, communal space bookings, rental account management, real-time feedback and a packed social calendar.

By encouraging students to update their interests and preferences via KLIQ, property teams are learning more about the type of activities and social events residents would like – allowing them to tailor the social calendar to suit. The results are a student accommodation experience that is continuously improved with real-time feedback, and increased participation and engagement.

“Since the launch of KLIQ in September, I have seen a huge increase in student engagement within the property. Our team also find it so much easier to engage with our residents and keep them informed about everything happening at site.  

“Our events have never been so busy, and students leave feedback immediately afterwards, so we know what’s working and what isn’t.  Not only that, but students can also input their hobbies and interests, so we know what type of events to host in the future and our residents have a real say in what they want to have more or less of.  

“Because of this more consistent interaction and overall increase in satisfaction, we’ve seen a record number of students asking to rebook with us for the 2023/24 academic year, and plan to grow this further with special offers and property updates all shared with ease via KLIQ.”

Naomi Allan, Property Manager from Exeter
KLIQ student app | PBSA News
KLIQ student app.

Homes For Students strives to create thriving communities where residents’ safety, wellbeing and success are paramount. With the addition of KLIQ, it can further personalise each student’s stay, enriching their university journey and improving their overall experience.  

“Having recently achieved GOLD accreditation status with Investor in Students, we were delighted to learn that it’s the welcoming and nurturing environment our property teams create which sets us apart in the marketplace. The introduction of our KLIQ resident experience app has served as a further boost to this service, as students can empower their local property management teams to tailor events and activities most suited to their schedule, interests and needs, which is already boosting participation and community-building across the properties we manage.”

Scott Lewis, Senior Director of Sales & Operations, Homes For Students

The KLIQ app achieved a 95% 30-day engagement rate within the first eight weeks of launch. Over 95,000 parcel notifications have been sent, 6,600 communal space bookings made, and over 1,300 student events shared and reviewed in real-time via KLIQ across all UK and Ireland properties.

“Maximising our interactions with students using KLIQ helps us create a real buzz around our engagement programmes. Student feedback and their interaction with the app is having a positive impact on how we plan our social calendars, ensuring that we spend our student experience budgets most effectively on the activities that matter most to our residents.

“Students’ interests, tastes and personalities differ hugely between properties, cities and years of study, so the real time information KLIQ provides is ensuring that a Homes for Students home is the best it can be for every resident.”

Scott Lewis, Senior Director of Sales & Operations, Homes For Students

Homes for Students is the UK’s largest independent PBSA provider, managing over 39,000 beds across 160 properties in over 51 UK towns and cities. Since its establishment in 2015, it now employs over 700 people across its properties and two central service offices in Harrogate and Liverpool.