Research shows 75% of PBSA taken by students at top universities

Stripe Property Group’s new research reveals that 75% of all purpose-built student accommodation rentals are already taken across top universities.

Central hall, University of York – the most in-demand university within the UK when it comes to student accommodation, as revealed by Stripe Property Group’s new research | PBSA News
Central hall, University of York – the most in-demand university within the UK when it comes to student accommodation. Image credit: Matthew Prior, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

New research by property developer and purpose-built student accommodation provider Stripe Property Group reveals that 75% of all PBSA at the nation’s top universities has already been taken.

Stripe Property Group analysed demand for PBSA rental stock within the postcodes of the top 50 UK universities to reveal which were most in-demand and where prospective first-year students face the toughest challenge in securing accommodation.

The research shows that the University of York is the most in-demand university within the UK when it comes to student rental accommodation. Currently across the YO10 postcode, no less than 75% of all PBSA rental stock listed on the market has been taken by students.

York is followed by the University of Strathclyde, also home to a high level of student rental demand, where 73% of all PBSA rentals have been let. In the BA2 postcode, home to the University of Bath, 54% of student rental stock has been taken.

Queen Mary University of London in the E1 postcode of Tower Hamlets is home to the highest student demand in the capital, where 42% of all PSBA rentals listed on the current market have been taken.

In Birmingham’s B4 postcode, the research shows that 40% have been let by those attending Aston University, while demand is currently at 39% in the WC2A and WC2R postcodes, home to the London School of Economics and King’s College London.

The rest of the top ten most in-demand universities for PBSA include Shropshire’s Harper Adams University (35%), the University of Essex (32%) and the University of Glasgow (20%).

“We can appreciate that there’s always going to be high demand for a spot at one of the nation’s best universities, but the burning issue of student accommodation availability is one that is impacting students the length and breadth of the nation.

“As our research shows, over 70% of currently listed student rental stock has already been taken surrounding some universities, and we’re yet to see the deadline for applications expire. This really highlights the uphill struggle facing many students when it comes to securing a suitable roof over their heads.

“Of course, the private rental sector does help to pick up some of the slack, and there are some outstanding PBSA-focused developers out there working tirelessly to bring new stock to the market, but more needs to be done to bridge the gap between the student homes available and the level we require.”

James Forrester, Managing Director, Stripe Property Group

Stripe Property Group is a UK property developer focusing on student and residential developments in the North East and Midlands, with 20 years’ property experience.