Video: GTS highlight award-winning Fire Scrutineer service

Global Technical Services (GTS) showcase new whiteboard animation video, highlighting their award-winning Fire Scrutineer service.

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Independent Fire Scrutineer.

Independent Fire Scrutineer

Global Technical Services (GTS) can provide specialist award winning Fire Scrutineer knowledge and information on all areas of fire safety with your properties, ensuring quality.

The Fire Scrutineer records and assesses all aspects of the fire safety of the project to show due diligence and provide evidential, auditable records for the O&M manuals, in line with Regulation 7 & 38.

In line with the proposed Independent Construction Assessor (ICA) framework, Global’s Fire Scrutineer role developed from the Building a Safer Future Report. This highlighted the need for specialists, such as fire engineers, fire scrutineers, and auditors to complete inspections and provide support through the Golden Thread.

The Fire Scrutineer concentrates on the three gateways of a construction project:

Stage one – Design

Involves early engagement with architects and designers to review their specifications and fire strategies. This helps to prevent issues and conflicts in the construction stage.

Stage two – Construction

During this stage of the Golden Thread, regular inspections of workmanships are undertaken to ensure the installations are completed in line with designers/architect’s details, and installed as per manufacturers tested solutions.

Stage three – Pre-Occupation

Involves the review of all commissioning certificates. This ensures that everything is approved in time for pre-occupation fire risk assessment, along with all documentation required for regulations. This would then be handed over to the Responsible Persons after the building is complete.

Golden Thread

GTS can provide specialist knowledge and support in all areas of fire safety with your properties. The Golden Thread has been set out to ensure that each duty holder is managing the build correctly to move onto the next stage. GTS offers support and guidance throughout these stages, giving the client peace of mind that the appropriate steps are in place for full compliance.

About Global Technical Services (GTS)

Fire safety is our whole business. GTS are industry leaders in providing the complete approach to fire safety. Specialising in providing passive fire protection and fire engineering solutions from project conception, through construction to remedial works. Holding a varying degree of experience across a range of industries and building types, including construction, hospitality, housing, education and commercial.

In the fire safety industry, The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 has made it a legal requirement to ensure the appropriate steps are taken to reduce the risk of fire. This is so that we can ensure buildings and their occupants are safe. We work closely with our clients, providing bespoke solutions, targeting the specific industry needs.

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