Global Building Environments (GBE) joins Global Group

Global Building Environments strive for better buildings through sustainable design practices, digital engineering platforms and experienced engineers.

GBE are a collective of engineers, consultants, and project managers that are changing the face of developmental sustainability and fire safety practices | PBSA News

Every year, environmental and safety legislation changes and the technologies available are evolving. The need for experienced and curious design consultants to discover environmentally led solutions for ever more complex buildings, is the reason GBE was formed. The company provides its clients with the clarity, logic, and the promotion of good practices needed to build the best spaces for people to use.

GBE are a collective of engineers, consultants and project managers, experienced in Mechanical Electrical and Public Health (MEP), Fire and Sustainability design, delivering technical construction documentation and BIM (Building Information Modelling) packages for architects, developers, and self-builders by creating clear descriptions of complex engineering systems.

The divisions at GBE are separated into two engineering disciplines: MEP Engineering and Sustainability & Energy.

As environmental and safety legislation change and the technologies available evolve, GBE aims to provide its clients with the clarity, logic, and the promotion of good practices needed to build usable spaces.

MEP Engineering (Building Services), a discipline of the RIBA construction design process, requires trained and qualified engineers to provide consultancy, strategy and deliver engineering documentation for architects, developers, and self-builders to assess what services are required for a project.

GBE have adopted Autodesk Revit as a digital platform for designing MEP services and production of technical documentation. This provides enhanced collaboration, improved visualisation and clarity of technical information from the team.

“Our division have a passion for designing spaces for the end-user; the people that will live, work and play in the building. We want to create spaces that have an atmosphere, are inherently easy to use and do not cost the earth to run.”

Sam Travis-Cavell, Head of Global Building Environments, GBE
Sam Travis-Cavell, Head of Global Building Environments, GBE

The Sustainability & Energy services involve the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which are legally required on all properties in the UK. Its importance is increasingly as there are annual changes to Part L, legislation and grants due to the government’s climate change objectives, which will affect all property owners in the next decade.

On construction projects, GBE work with architects and developers to ensure that the Draft and As Built EPCs are compliant with Part L of the building regulations. Working with house-owners, landlords, social housing platforms and estate agents, GBE develop the domestic and non-domestic EPCs required for sale or let of buildings.

GBE has also joined the Global Group family, an organisation that have specialised in fire safety for over 20 years. Working directly alongside Global Technical Services (GTS), the fire engineering consultancy of the group, GBE coordinate MEP Engineering designs, façade details and construction details directly with the GTS team to ensure all systems are incorporated, coordinated, safe and thermally sound.

Sam Travis-Cavell, Head of the new division has over eight years of experience in the construction industry as an MEP design engineer, sustainability consultant, contractor and business owner. As a Certified Energy Assessor for both domestic and non-domestic projects, Sam is also a member of CIBSE and CIOB. He has currently undertaken his engineering chartership application to obtain his MCIOB qualification.

GBE aim to reduce the carbon impact of the construction industry, to create value on their projects and design for the people who will live, work and play in those spaces.

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