UCAS publish A Level results key statistics

UCAS releases key data and statistics as college and sixth form students collected their A Level results, showing an appetite for PBSA.

UCAS release key statistics around this year's A Levels results | PBSA News

Educational adviser and board UCAS have released data around A Level results as college and sixth form students across the country open their grades. This year, 414,940 applicants have gained a place at university or college – down on 425,830 last year (-2.6%) but an increase on 408,960 in 2019 (+1.5%).

For 18-year-olds, 230,600 have been accepted into higher education, a decline from 238,090 in 2022 (-3.1%) but up on 199,370 in 2019 (+15.7%). 79% have gained a place at their first choice of university or college. This compares to 81% in 2022 when exams were reintroduced, and 74% in 2019, the last time grading arrangements were the same.

“Today’s UCAS figures reveals a resounding triumph for students across England & Wales, as an impressive 79% have secured their first-choice placement at universities.

“Among UK’s 18-year-olds, 230,600 have been accepted – a testament to their determination and drive. Although a decline of 3.1% from 2022, this is a significant increase of 15.7% from 2019.

“This success not only illustrates the continuous upward trajectory of student achievement, it also speaks volumes about the strength of the student property market.

“The latest data highlights the persistent demand for high-quality education and as a result, a consistent appetite for appropriate PBSA from UK and overseas students, proving to be a highly attractive asset class for investment.

“It’s important that we play a critical role in supporting this remarkable generation of students, providing them with the homes they need to thrive and contribute to the future success into society.”

Neil Armstrong, Joint Head of Student Property, Knight Frank

In total, UCAS reports that 51,210 international students have been accepted – compared to 52,440 last year (-2.3%). The top three countries with placed applicants are China (11,630 acceptances in 2023 compared to 13,180 in 2022), India (4,780 vs 4,050) and Hong Kong (3,050 vs 3,420).

A further 9% have not been placed at their first or insurance choice and are now in Clearing, which compares to 12% in 2019, and 7% in 2022. Overall, the 2023 results have been positive and represent the quality of A Level teaching and learning in the UK.