Alex Brookes and Wifirst: revolutionising connectivity in the PBSA market

Wifirst’s Alex Brookes reflects on the importance of connectivity for the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector.  

Alex Brookes, Sales Manager at Wifirst | PBSA News
Alex Brookes, Sales Manager at Wifirst.

In today’s spotlight, we introduce Alex Brookes, Sales Manager at Wifirst, with a specific focus on the PBSA market. With a passion for the industry and a commitment to connecting students across Europe, Alex works closely with country managers to understand unique requirements and assist PBSA operators.

Wifirst’s dedication to delivering reliable connectivity solutions has positioned them as a trusted partner in the field.

Passion for PBSA and community building

Alex Brookes holds a genuine love for the PBSA market, appreciating the sense of community it fosters and the industry’s dedication to addressing the student housing crisis across Europe. Through networking with visionaries and key players, Alex has gained valuable insights into the challenges faced during project delivery, allowing Wifirst to align their efforts and expand services continent-wide. At the heart of Wifirst’s vision lies the desire to connect students and support the successful delivery and operation of PBSA assets, setting them apart from competitors.  

Challenges in the PBSA market

The PBSA market faces multifaceted challenges, including the rising cost of higher education, reliance on international students, the impact of Brexit (particularly in the UK), and the rapid growth of digital content and online learning. The pandemic has further exacerbated these issues. However, despite these challenges, the PBSA sector has demonstrated strength, with record investment volumes and strong occupancy rates.

Wifirst recognises that successful PBSA investors and operators must have a deep understanding of wider student and higher education issues. By seeking partners who share their vision and providing tailored connectivity solutions, Wifirst supports operators and investors as they navigate the complex landscape.  

Contributing to success and future plans  

Alex takes pride in contributing to the success of Wifirst’s clients by overseeing projects from start to finish and witnessing operators expand their brands and reach. Being entrusted with the responsibility of providing essential connectivity services reinforces the company’s commitment to exceptional service. With an experienced and skilled team spanning Europe – and with 1,000,000 rooms connected – Wifirst remains dedicated to supporting clients of all scales, showcasing adaptability and unwavering commitment to excellence.

With Wifirst’s international expansion in 2016, Alex joined the company in 2022 – during its next phase of growth. Within 18 months, Wifirst opened offices in Milan and Berlin, surpassing 300 employees. Looking ahead, Alex envisions Wifirst capturing further market share in existing markets and delivering even better results for clients. With a strong presence, Wifirst aims to solidify its position as a trusted partner for operators and investors across Europe and beyond, contributing significantly to the company’s ongoing success.    

Alex Brookes, Sales Manager at Wifirst, is driven by a passion for the PBSA market and connecting students across Europe. Through Wifirst’s commitment to exceptional service and tailored connectivity solutions, they navigate the challenges of the industry, support clients’ growth, and envision a future where Wifirst is an influential force in the field.