Investor in Students releases 360º research paper

Balancing Budget & Bliss – the latest Investor in Students 360º (IIS 360º) insights report represents a culmination of insightful student feedback.

Digbeth event where Investor in Students 360º research paper was released | PBSA News
Digbeth event where Investor in Students 360º research paper was released.

Student experience accreditation programme – Investor in Students – releases its latest IIS 360º insights report, Balancing Budget & Bliss. The report represents a culmination of feedback from the last two academic cycles, offering a comprehensive view of student life in student accommodation, with over 20,000 respondents.

Offering invaluable insights for student experience professionals, student accommodation providers, operators and policymakers alike, the findings highlight key areas of student experience that require attention, improvement and celebration.

Significant aspects of the IIS 360º white paper

  • Extensive feedback analysis: incorporating feedback from two waves of student responses, the report offers a rich, nuanced understanding of the student living experience.
  • Large scale data: with over 20,000 student responses and 1,279 staff responses, the white paper provides a substantial and diverse range of audience perspectives.
  • Third cycle of accreditation: as Investor in Students enters its third cycle, the accreditation has engaged over 100,000 students – reflecting its growing influence and importance.

Key findings

  • Staff investment impact: highlighting how staff interactions significantly influence student satisfaction in accommodations.
  • International vs UK student experience: a detailed comparative study revealing the unique challenges and triumphs of these distinct student groups.
  • Inclusivity in accommodations: addressing the accommodation experiences of non-cisgender and minority students and the need for more inclusive environments.
  • Value for money assessment: analysing how students perceive the balance between the cost and quality of their overarching accommodation experience

“The IIS 360º white paper is not just a report; it’s a mirror reflecting the current state of student accommodation in the UK. Our extensive research provides actionable insights for enhancing student happiness and success.”

Rhys Thomas, Director, Investor in Students

The research paper is anticipated to be a pivotal resource in shaping future policies and practices in student accommodation. Its findings are intended to drive positive changes – ensuring that student housing not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of today’s students.