TPMS and hereSAY launch PBSA mystery shop service

TPMS and SAY Property Consulting have formed a strategic partnership to provide a bespoke mystery shop service to the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector.

TPMS and hereSAY have partnered to launch a unique mystery shopper service to the PBSA sector | The Property Marketing Strategists | SAY Property Consulting | PBSA News

Marketing consultancy The Property Marketing Strategists (TPMS) and SAY Property Consulting’s hereSAY have announced that it is joining forces to bring a bespoke mystery shop service to the PBSA sector.

The mystery shopping service monitors in-person visits, online enquiries and phone calls over the key months of the leasing cycle to identify sales wastage and ensure that all leads are being maximised, therefore providing a focus on the ROI of marketing.

TPMS’ Co-founders Sarah Canning and Deenie Lee have been working within PBSA combined for over 30 years and have a strong understanding of the sector and its needs.

“In our Youth Forum research, we consistently hear students discussing the importance of customer service and trust. Not just in the living experience but also when in the research phase. Customer service is one of the few differentiators left for student accommodation providers and this new service will help to enhance that. Student and resident experience can no longer be a buzz word and must start from the moment a student engages with a brand – and this is often when they send an enquiry or book a visit. If you don’t monitor this customer journey, then you are missing a big piece of the data puzzle.”

Deenie Lee, Co-founder, TPMS

A comprehensive report and analysis will be provided from the mystery shop service, alongside a bespoke feedback session to discuss key opportunities and recommendations. 

“We know that marketing budgets in PBSA are always stretched, and marketing teams must make that budget count. But with 67% saying that customer service makes students feel connected to a brand in our Youth Forum survey – marketers and operators need to deliver this as a key part of their strategy.

“If you are not monitoring your lead to booking service, you won’t know if you are maximising your conversion rate. We want the sector to be more efficient and this starts with understanding what gaps you may have in customer and sales service and then training teams to bridge this gap.

“Our purpose is elevating the role of marketing in property – this means following the customer journey from start to finish. This service complements our customer voice research to ensure that this is being tangibly delivered to customers.”

Sarah Canning, Co-founder, TPMS

SAY Property Consulting’s hereSAY first brought its Lead to Lease Build to Rent Mystery Shopping Benchmark Report to market in 2021. Since then, it has released an annual benchmark report as well as provided a bespoke service to numerous clients within Build to Rent sector, by providing data to understanding the customer journey from first enquiry to viewing and follow-up.

“Joining forces with The Property Marketing Strategists to bring this mystery shop service to the PBSA sector is an exciting venture for us. Our success in the Build to Rent and Single-Family Housing sectors has showcased the profound impact of this service, and we’re eager to replicate this in the student accommodation market.

“This unique service not only allows us to draw critical comparisons between customer experiences in Single Family Housing, Build to Rent and Student Accommodation, but it also provides an essential tool for operators.

“By utilising this service, providers can gain a clear, objective view of their customer service and sales performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement targeted strategies to enhance the overall customer experience.

“In today’s competitive market, understanding and meeting the evolving needs of customers is crucial for success, making this service an invaluable asset for any forward-thinking accommodation provider.”

Esme Webb, hereSAY

Peter Brook from Liv Students has already benefited from the bespoke mystery shop service. He expressed how valuable the service was in providing them with a tool to measure their performance, as well as to identify areas of improvment.

“I was very impressed by the mystery shopping service that The Property Marketing Strategists and hereSAY provided for our student accommodation. They were professional, reliable, and thorough in their evaluation of our customer service, facilities and processes. They gave us detailed and objective feedback on our strengths and areas for improvement, along with practical suggestions on how to enhance our customer experience. The mystery shopping service was a valuable tool for us to measure our performance and identify opportunities for continued improvement.”

Peter Brook, Liv Students