UPP joins forces with Standing Tall

UPP and Standing Tall's partnership will help match people experiencing homelessness with stable jobs at responsible employers. 

UPP has partnered with Standing Tall to help provide people experiencing homelessness with job security and accommodation | UPP | Standing Tall | PBSA News
UPP has partnered with Standing Tall to help provide people experiencing homelessness with job security and accommodation.

Student accommodation provider UPP has announced that it has launched a partnership with charity Standing Tall which aims to help homeless people off the streets and into stable employment and accommodation. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with UPP to match some of the talented people we’re helping to move off the streets. It’s the combination of a stable job and a safe home that’s really helping people to leave the streets for good.” 

Christy Acton, Standing Tall

Through this partnership, UPP aims to help people experiencing homelessness, giving them jobs while Standing Tall will find them hosted accommodation.

“We are proud to be doing what we can to help support people experiencing homelessness. Through this partnership with Standing Tall we are continuing to give back, offering vital jobs to people who have been on the streets to help them re-build their lives. This is just one way we are making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. UPP is committed to acting with social purpose; I hope this partnership will grow and make a real difference for disadvantaged people in society who really need our help.” 

Elaine Hewitt, CEO, UPP

The first person through this scheme has recently started with UPP. 

In the first UPP sustainability report, published last year, UPP announced its commitments on social purpose, as part of a pledge to create £6m worth of social value by 2030. 

“Providing good jobs to people who have suffered tough times is a key pillar in our social purpose strategy and builds on the work the UPP Foundation has done to support people into education who have experienced homelessness. I am delighted we have agreed this partnership with Standing Tall and I hope it goes from strength to strength.” 

Richard Brabner, Director of ESG, UPP