UXCO Group inaugurates ECLA Paris-Palaiseau PBSA

The largest co-living and purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) residence in Europe, ECLA Paris-Palaiseau, has been inaugurated.

UXCO Group recently inaugurated the final phase of its ECLA Paris-Palaiseau PBSA scheme | PBSA News
UXCO Group recently inaugurated the final phase of its ECLA Paris-Palaiseau PBSA scheme.

Investor, developer, and operator in co-living and PBSA in France – UXCO Group – and its development arm – Océanis Promotion – has announced that it has inaugurated the final phase of ECLA Paris-Palaiseau. Attended by the Mayor of Palaiseau, Grégoire de Lasterie, the event marks a major milestone in the development of the ECLA residence, originally launched in 2018.

In 2023, UXCO Group acquired five new residences and 2,000 new beds, including the first two ECLA residences outside the Paris region – in Bordeaux and in Archamps, in the greater Geneva area – and the inauguration of a major extension to Paris-Palaiseau.

ECLA Paris-Palaiseau has been expanded with 500 new beds and 1,000 m2 of amenity space and has been accessible since autumn 2023. With a total of 1,800 beds, ECLA Paris-Palaiseau is now the largest co-living and PBSA residence in Europe.

“Our ECLA concept is central to UXCO Group’s identity, mobilising all our expertise and demonstrating our mastery of the entire value chain from design and development to the management of large-scale residences.

“As first a prototype and now the most advanced version of our ECLA concept, ECLA Paris-Palaiseau’s success is proof that new accommodation solutions are possible and that they meet changing lifestyles.

“We’re proud to be able to manage these large-scale projects in the Paris region and most recently other regions, with our two recent acquisitions in Archamps, near Geneva, and in Bordeaux.”

Maël Aoustin, Group CEO and President, UXCO Group Management Board

In December last year, the development was honoured in the 2023 real estate SIMI Housing Awards, which recognised the ‘Innovation in Lifestyles’ characteristic of its unique concept. Designed in partnership with Arte Charpentier architects, the scheme comprises individual studios to shared apartments for two to six people.

The 4,500 m2 of amenity space has been planned around a 2.0 theme in a nod to Paris-Saclay, the ‘French Silicon Valley’ that has become a hub of innovation and technology. The residential amenities include coworking spaces, cinemas, shared kitchens, fully equipped gyms, music rooms, gaming rooms and a connected laundry room. Alongside this, there is also over 20,000 m2 of landscaped areas across the campus that provides a natural retreat within the urban landscape.

“I’m very happy to welcome Palaiseau, the largest co-living residence in Europe. While many students still have great difficulty finding a place to live in the Paris region, the ECLA-Palaiseau residence offers a first local response to the student housing crisis. It reinforces the work undertaken since 2016 by the Palaiseau town council and the Paris-Saclay local authority to house local students in the best possible conditions.”

Grégoire de Lasteyrie, Palaiseau Mayor and President, the Paris-Saclay local authority

Paris-Saclay has become one of France’s main academic and research hubs with over 45,000 students and 15,000 researchers in universities, elite schools and research organisations. This makes it an ideal location for the very first and largest ECLA campus and its unique offering.

With 14 higher education institutions, academic clusters and global research organisations, the development is the leading scientific hub. It accounts for 15% of national research and offers the largest range of talent and jobs for young graduates in the Paris region.

“We’re delighted to be celebrating the completion of our very first ECLA residence. Our teams’ expertise, our partners’ know-how and our experience from the first four years operating in Palaiseau have enabled us to design and develop a unique, quality product that meets the needs of our residents.

“ECLA is a unique co-living offering that has made Palaiseau a leading student town with its campus 2.0. Through this original offering, we are aiming, to help create the city of the future. I’m convinced that, more than ever, we must pay attention to social and environmental challenges, and that ECLA offers suitable solutions.

“I would like to thank and congratulate our Océanis Promotion and UXCO Group teams, and all our partners for their dedication to this landmark project which is helping to transform lifestyles and meet the growing need for accommodation in the Paris region.”

Florelle Visentin-Klein, Deputy CEO, UXCO Group, Président, Océanis Promotion

The ECLA concept is designed to meet the challenges of future cities and buildings by respecting people and the environment while creating connections between residents. This model for future accommodation came about in a think-tank initiated by Océanis Promotion with researchers, sociologists, psychologists and urban planners.

Now an augmented prototype, ECLA Paris-Palaiseau demonstrates the essence of this concept with a wide variety of accommodation, multiple services and XXL amenity space, enabling around 1,800 residents of 90 nationalities create a strong sense of community.