TPMS and Student Housing Consultancy launch new podcast

The podcast will combine The Property Marketing Strategists (TPMS) and Student Housing Consultancy’s insights, knowledge and connections of the shared living sector.

The Housed – The Shared Living Podcast launches | TPMS | Student Housing Consultancy | PBSA News

The founders of consultancy and research firm TPMS and Dan Smith of Student Housing Consultancy have announced the launch of a new podcast – Housed – The Shared Living Podcast.

The first episode covering later living, fraudulent student accommodation bookings, and gender diversity in events attracted almost 100 listeners in the first weekend. The podcast is being released every Friday and can be listened to via all podcast streaming services including Amazon and Spotify.

“Deenie, Dan, and I have enjoyed the process of planning and recording the first episode so when we realised so many people had downloaded it in the first weekend, we were delighted. It supports the reason we have decided to invest our time in bringing this type of content to the market and has given us the confidence to keep recording.”

Sarah Canning, Co-Founder, The Property Marketing Strategists

Covering the latest news to hit the sector, alongside updates from events and key takeaways from their own work, the Housed – The Shared Living Podcast aims to bring those conversations usually had behind closed doors to the wider network.

“We regularly catch up about everything going on in the sector and realised our network were keen to do the same. As we work hard on enhancing our knowledge of the sector via networking, events, reading and listening to the latest news, we decided to share it with anyone who feels we can add value to their day via this podcast.”

Daniel Smith, Student Housing Consultancy

The podcast will bring weekly news to those working in the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), university accommodation, Build to Rent, co-living and later living sectors in thirty-minute chats.

“Whilst we have hosted webinars in the past, it feels like a podcast is a bit more accessible and this format is a quick, relaxed way of getting our thoughts out to the sector. We are videoing them as well for anyone who still prefers to consume content visually.”

Deenie Lee, Co-Founder, The Property Marketing Strategists