FuturePlace and PBSA News partner on Australia’s largest Living Sectors event

FuturePlace and PBSA News partner on The Living Sectors Summit - Australia’s largest Living Sectors event.

FuturePlace and PBSA News partner on Australia’s largest Living Sectors event following the successful Build to Rent Summit last year | PBSA News
FuturePlace and PBSA News partner on Australia’s largest Living Sectors event following the successful Build to Rent Summit last year.

FuturePlace, Australia’s leading organiser of real estate and built world events is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with PBSA News, the premier source of information and insights for the rapidly growing student accommodation sector.

Following a hugely successful collaboration on the Build to Rent Summit organised by FuturePlace in Sydney last October, both organisations have set their sights on creating Australia’s largest Living Sectors event, The Living Sectors Summit.

“After consulting extensively with the market, we’ve decided to rebrand and broaden the Build to Rent Summit in 2024 to create a national conference, exhibition and networking event that encompasses the full life cycle of accommodation – social & affordable housing, Build to Rent, student housing and co-living.

“The plan is to bring together 400+ developers, investors, financiers, government, urban planners and the AEC sector to co-create solutions to unlock access to affordable, sustainable and resilient housing through innovation and partnerships.”

John Pozoglou, CEO, FuturePlace

Adrian Harrington, Senior Adviser, Lighthouse Infrastructure and NSW State Chair, Housing All Australians, has joined over 20 other living sectors experts from organisations such as Mirvac, Investa, Salta Properties, Greystar, Brookfield, EY, Savills, JLL, NSW & Queensland Government and more to help FuturePlace develop the Living Sectors Summit program. When asked about the Living Sectors Summit, Adrian told PBSA News why it is a vital and timely event.

“The Living Sectors Summit will provide a vital annual platform for top-tier experts to share insights into the latest developments in this dynamic sector. With Australia facing a housing crisis intensified by supply shortages, an aging population, high levels of migration, and shifting lifestyles, addressing challenges within the Living Sector becomes increasingly urgent.

“This event will offer essential perspectives from government officials, community housing providers, institutional investors, and developers as they adapt to the evolving landscape and work towards innovative solutions to meet both the evolving residential demands and tackle the housing crisis.” A

drian Harrington, Senior Adviser, Lighthouse Infrastructure and NSW State Chair, Housing All Australians

The event will feature top level presentations, interactive panel discussions, roundtables and networking activities.

“This must attend event is a huge opportunity for anyone involved in the growing Living Sectors to come together at this national conference, exhibition and networking event, to gain the latest insights across the sectors from a variety of perspectives.

“With key networking opportunities and designed to be interactive, the event will offer both attendees and partners with a platform to build partnerships, innovate, and unlock solutions to support the evolving landscape of the Living Sectors.

“With Australia facing a housing crisis, this timely event will play an important role towards addressing the challenges faced across the Living Sectors.”

Nick Biring, Co-founder, PBSA News

The Living Sectors market

  • The living sector is now the largest investable real estate sector globally. We are currently seeing a strong focus from capital on the multifamily / Build to Rent, student housing and single-family rental sectors. Over the next five years, $1.4 trillion is expected to be deployed into living strategies globally. By 2030, JLL expects one-third of annual real estate investment to occur in the living sector.
  • 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, this is expected to reach 68% by 2050.
  • As of June 2022, Australia’s population was 26 million – having grown around 1.3% a year on average over the past three decades. Australia’s population is concentrated in the major cities, which are home to 72% of the total population.
  • Australia’s population is on track to swell by 7.4 million by 2041. Two-thirds of those extra people, or almost five million, are expected to live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Sydney and Melbourne will need to build at least another 1.3 million homes to accommodate an extra three million residents over the next 18 years, while Queensland is tipped to add 1.6 million residents.

As the momentum for Living Sectors accelerates in Australia, organisations that provide finance, investment, design, construction, material and technology solutions, along with the services ecosystem that sells, manages and maintains Living Sector assets will experience significant new demand. First movers will see big wins. What better reason to consider becoming a partner at Australia’s most important Living Sectors event.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact John Pozoglou at johnp@futureplace.tech