Introducing Filmbankconnect: the premium film & TV streaming solution tailored for PBSA

Representing Hollywood majors and independent studios internationally for non-theatrical content distribution and technology solutions, Filmbankmedia announces a partnership with PBSA News.

Filmbankmedia has partnered with PBSA News

Filmbankmedia are delighted to partner with PBSA News to introduce Filmbankconnect, its white-label film & TV streaming solution specially designed with students in mind.

Stream anywhere, anytime within PBSA accommodation

Backed by Hollywood majors and independent studios, Filmbankconnect allows students to stream their favourite movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere within their accommodation.

Content specially curated for students

Content is carefully curated to the students’ preferences, featuring Hollywood blockbusters, latest releases, all-time favourites, indie gems, and international titles. The film and TV selections can even be tailored to complement any special events organised by PBSA schemes – such as Christmas holidays, Black History Month, Pride Month and more.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nick and the team at PBSA News, as we embark on a mission to enhance student experiences and address critical mental health challenges within student communities. With a shared commitment to student wellbeing, together with PBSA News, we aim to combat isolation and foster a sense of belonging among students by introducing an innovative solution.

“Through this collaboration, student accommodation providers will have access to the latest Hollywood releases, seamlessly streamed to students’ personal devices and common areas.

“Moreover, this partnership underscores our dedication to assisting PBSAs in enhancing their revenue streams while simultaneously improving student retention rates. By integrating Filmbankconnect services, student accommodation providers can unlock new opportunities to bolster their bottom line and cultivate long-lasting relationships with their residents.”

Stuart Ferreira-Cole, Business Development Director, Filmbankmedia

Multi-language audio and subtitles are available

The movies and TV shows can be streamed with a wide range of subtitles and language audio to ensure that no student feels left out.

Student accommodations can truly make it their own

Available as a white-label platform, the streaming service can fully showcase the student accommodation’s brand. It can even host exclusive content such as ‘Welcome Videos’, ‘Meet the Team,’ and more, allowing PBSA operators to engage directly with their residents.

Unlock valuable insight with viewing data

PBSA operators gain valuable insights into their resident preferences with viewing data, enabling them to craft a more personalised experience for their students’ stay.

Third-party advertising opportunities for new revenue streams

For accommodation brand partners, Filmbankconnect presents an exciting opportunity with pre-roll advertising support, facilitating the creation of dynamic marketing campaigns that resonate with students and unlock additional revenue streams.

“PBSA News is thrilled to partner with Stuart and the Filmbankmedia team. Their innovative film and TV streaming solution provides PBSA operators with a unique offering that enables them to enhance their student experience and address the increasing mental health issues that we see arising more frequently than ever before.

“Most importantly – and with an aligned mission – this partnership allows us to support Filmbankmedia in their commitment to addressing the mental health challenges within student communities, whilst also combatting isolation and truly creating a sense of belonging.”

Nick Biring, Co-founder, PBSA News

Redefine how students experience entertainment in their living space with Filmbankconnect now.