Utopi and Harrison Street announce a validated 9x ROI

Utopi announces the real value of its solutions across Harrison Street Real Estate’s UK, Ireland and Spanish purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) portfolio.

The Amnis Yugo PBSA development in Cork, Ireland | Utopi | Harrison Street | PBSA News
The Amnis Yugo PBSA development in Cork, Ireland.

ESG technology specialist Utopi has announced that it has received a 9x return on investment (ROI) validated by a top Valuer for the proven impact of its solutions to the real estate market.

With a well-established partnership with Harrison Street Real Estate, the last 24 months have been significant for both businesses in reducing the energy consumption of HSRE’s European Assets; and today they’re proud to announce not only have they achieved a 15% energy saving across their UK, Ireland and Spanish PBSA assets, but generated savings of up to £125 per bed for assets with a full academic year of action.

“This validation is an incredible step for Utopi. Proof of our impact is a sign of what I’ve always believed – that we can make a real difference to the real estate market, and we will generate our clients an ROI. It’s all been made possible by the continued support and belief from the Harrison Street team, DLC Europe, and I’m more excited than ever to see what’s ahead for Utopi and our clients.”

Jonathan Burridge, CEO and Co-Founder, Utopi

Between 2022 and 2023, Harrison Street Real Estate rolled-out Utopi to 8,542 beds across the UK, Ireland and Spanish PBSA assets as part of their innovative ESG strategy. The mission, to improve energy and carbon savings.

Within 2 weeks for some assets, real-time, granular data on ESG performance and energy consumption was being collected allowing for action. Seeing one asset alone reduce their carbon emissions by 68,311kg.

Across the HSRE European PBSA portfolio, the value uplift associated with this was around £17m across the whole portfolio. Based on a £1.9m investment in Utopi and a total value increase of £17m, that figure was derived from an NOl increase of up to £125 per bed per annum and is based on 15% net saving in energy Opex.

Validated by a top UK Valuer’s Valuation and Advisory Services team, specialists in Living Sectors like student accommodation, Build to Rent, Co-living; this equates to a 9x ROI in just one academic year.

Krishan Basra, Vice President, Harrison Street