Start-up roomies enters Poland PBSA market

Start-up roomies has entered the PBSA sector in Poland and it plans to develop over 2,000 student beds over the next five years.

A PBSA scheme | roomies | PBSA News
A PBSA scheme.

A new player has entered the field of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) investments in Poland. roomies is a startup with the aim of investing in the PBSA sector in Poland sector.

They plan to develop over 2,000 modern and attractive units within the next five years. The founder and CEO of roomies, Nikolas Löbel, has over ten years of experience in the development of residential and co-living projects in Germany and Poland.

The investors of roomies are the owners of the Lagerbox group. With over 40 locations under operation and some 15 additional projects in the pipeline, Lagerbox is one of the largest providers of self-storages in Germany and the Netherlands.

The shareholder group of Lagerbox is also invested in numerous real estate sectors and start-ups.

Poland is one of the best nations in the EU to invest in currently.

“I am delighted that we have been able to win Lagerbox and its founder Peter N. Blauw for our idea of raising new capital in the private student accommodation sector. With Lagerbox’ s experience, network and capital strength as well as our team of experienced and highly motivated experts here in Poland, we will start the market entry with a comprehensive acquisition strategy. Our initial focus is on the cities of Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk.

“We buy, develop and operate our locations from a single source. Our approach is to make an oZer in the PBSA sector that does not yet exist. Roomies stands for attractive accommodation with an all- inclusive oZer for the current student generation. In these days students want maximum flexibility and not only an attractive housing oZer, but also an attitude to life. This is what roomies stands for,”

Nikolas Löbel, CEO & founder, roomies

The PBSA sector in Poland is a growing asset class. With over 1.2 million students and more than 100,000 international students, Poland is an increasingly attractive study destination to gain internationally recognised qualifications at a fraction of the cost compared to their home countries.

However, accommodation in existing public university buildings often fails to meet students’ expectations, as they are often outdated and have limited facilities.

This leads to a massive undersupply of modern private PBSA. The bed supply for full-time students in private and modern PBSA in Poland is only 1.6%. Currently, only about 15,000 beds are operated by nine major providers across Poland, reflecting the massive shortage of student accommodation, which is exacerbated by the increasing internationalisation of Polish universities. This creates the conditions for roomies to grow rapidly.

“Poland is currently probably the most economically attractive country in the European Union. The highest growth of GDP, rapidly rising student numbers and attractive development opportunities in the real estate sector compared to the rest of Europe have convinced us that we are financing a very attractive startup with roomies.”

Peter N. Blauw, Chairman of the Board and majority owner of the Lagerbox group

In 2022 Kajima Student Housing and Griffin Capital Partners completed the development of a 795-bed Student Depot PBSA scheme in Kraków. It was the largest residential scheme in Poland since the partnership entered the Polish market in 2019.

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