Manner seeks support for its ‘Save The Hotspur Press’ campaign

Manner calls on the PBSA community to back its campaign ‘Save The Hotspur Press’ as the regeneration of the building now risks being halted.

GCI of Manner's The Hotspur Press PBSA scheme | PBSA News
GCI of Manner's The Hotspur Press PBSA scheme.

Developer and regeneration specialist Manner has sadly announced that only weeks after the redevelopment plans for The Hotspur Press secured unanimous planning approval from Manchester City Council, the commencement of works on the building have been paused.

This is due to an application that an anonymous individual submitted, requesting the building to be listed, despite a similar request being refused by Historic England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in 2019.

In response, Manner has recently launched a ‘Save The Hotspur Press’ campaign to save the iconic building. The developer is calling on the Manchester community to continue to show its support for the redevelopment.

Manner is urging people to sign its letter of support calling for a swift resolution so the building can be saved. Visit the campaign website to support Manner’s plans for The Hotspur Press.

The current state of the once thriving building | PBSA News
The current state of the once thriving building.

“This site was assessed by Historic England in 2019 and was not deemed worthy of listing. Following a unanimous planning approval received last month from Manchester City Council, we are in constructive dialogue with Historic England and the City Council.

“Saving this building has always been at the heart of our proposals. Our sensitive approach to the regeneration of The Hotspur Press is the only way to prevent it falling further into disrepair, and we are confident in making this case to Historic England.

“Our plans have always focused on preserving the heritage of this building, including retaining much of the existing brick exterior, iconic signage, and many of the historic features. Listing The Hotspur Press will not save The Hotspur Press; it will condemn the future of this wonderful building and its history.”

Richard James, Managing Director, Manner

Manchester City Council’s planning committee granted unanimous approval for Manner’s sensitive redevelopment of The Hotspur Press in May, which also received the backing of nearby residents. If listed, The Hotspur Press faces the risk of never being redeveloped and being ‘condemned’ – deteriorating further, falling into a state of disrepair and increasing the risk of further vandalism.

Manner had hoped to have contractors on site within the next few months to begin its rejuvenation, but that is now in jeopardy of being protracted or even stopped.

CGI of The Hotspur Press redevelopment | Manner | PBSA News
CGI of The Hotspur Press redevelopment.

The developer’s plans include restoring the historic façade of the building, celebrating the heritage of The Hotspur Press and delivering 595 student bedrooms. It will also deliver a new public square and improvements to the public realm for the wider community.

“Our plans have been carefully crafted so that the design understands and respects the heritage of the City of Manchester and the importance of buildings like The Hotspur Press.

“The design, heritage commitments and the developer have an unwavering dedication to deliver buildings of the highest architectural integrity, which respect the historical significance of their local areas, yet embrace modern city centre living. With this action, listed status could jeopardise the future of the building and mean it lays for many more years in a state of disrepair and disfunction.” 

Stephen Hodder MBE, Architect, The Hotspur Press